Watanka ya tanka
Watanka ya tanka

Shaman - clairvoyance, clairaudience , clairsentience
Akashic Records , Tarot , Beyond und more

There are choices in life in which you have a choice, and there are decisions that you mean having to decide something - but actually it can not. It has already been decided , and only when we defend ourselves - the way we go through the darkness. How long you decide itself where no shadow - there is no light . Adopt the path and go to the end . No time to waste with zigzag runs.
Straight to the point .
You'll no prior task of which you can not solve .
You can be anything you want.
You always have a choice .
Live Your Dreams ...

  •     Clairvoyance, clairaudience , clairsentience , Hell Smell
  •     iniziierte Shaman
  •     profiling
  •     Angel contacts
  •     Telepathy
  •     Beyond Contacts
  •     Spiritual transformations
  •     Psychological counseling
  •     Homeopathy
  •     energy work
  •     Power animal work
  •     Shamanic Travel
  •     Stones
  •     Cards - different decks
  •     Aura Watch
  •     Coaching

Shadow and Light - way out of the darkness

I work at 90 % with my clairvoyance , clairsentience , clairaudience .
If I tools - used tools , they will generally be selected , depending on my own on how I can best help you order it.


  •     Cartomancy (many different decks)
  •     pendulum
  •     crystal Ball
  •     water Show
  •     smoke reading
  •     Stones and many more ...

You can ask me questions on all topics

  •     Difficult relationships
  •     partnership
  •     love
  •     profession
  •     bullying
  •     karma
  •     Spirit . development
  •     finances

For businesses , I offer consultancy

  •     staff
  •     finances
  •     location
  •     business partner

much more ...

The gift of light

All beings share the gift of light,
of life and warmth.
Therefore, no one may believe
that the gift was intended for him ,
and no one can deny another ,
to enjoy these gifts .

( Johnston, Manitu )

Now one more thing to the end.
My advice does not replace a trip to the doctor or medical practitioner . Legal issues are always discussed with lawyers or entsprächenden offices.

Do not call me at if you want a story hour . I'm very direct. I decide for themselves whether and what tools I need to help you can . Time is relative , the faster you do your homework , the quicker you will reach your destination . And homework you get guaranteed with me. It is your responsibility , your decision every second ... in the here and now.

In this sense, I am looking forward to you.

Watanka ya tanka

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